Resilience Building to Prevent Hate, Extremism and Violence
ViralPeace is an interactive workshop for youth activists, change-makers and young leaders to learn strategies to push back against hate, extremism and violence.

The primary goal of ViralPeace is to facilitate young influencers’ engagement in utilizing their potential to build civil society, be active agents of peacemaking as well as effective leaders.

Participants of the workshop develop programs and campaigns for their individual missions by strategically using social media platforms to build their own narratives, organically build communities and stand up for their identified cause. Young influencers in ten countries have been mentored in this workshop to utilize their potential in building civil society.

How it Works
The ViralPeace curriculum includes modules coaching the participants in the following areas:

  • Identifying archetypes of speech used to incite hate and extremism
  • Learn mechanics of building meta-narratives
  • Design and commit to missions that serve their own communities to build resilience
  • Understand the concepts of strategy and strategic planning
  • Learn to utilize social media in the professional arena to serve their missions
  • Meet precautionary requirements of maintaining privacy and online safety
  • Confidence building and enhance leadership skills
  • Design projects to incorporate all aspects of the training

Scaling and Sustainability

ViralPeace is offered in partnership with local organizations, building their capacity to adapt the program and offer it independently to their audience. This allows scaling-up the program while building sustainability and customization to local needs.

Partnerships are established through:

  • Joint delivery of the workshop
  • ViralPeace Training of Trainer’s program
  • Intellectual property and curriculum sharing with the partner organization

If your organization is interested in partnering with Muflehun in delivering ViralPeace, please contact us at info@muflehun.org – we look forward to building a partnership with you.