RampOff: An Information and Early Intervention Support Service

Family members and peers often identify early signs of behavior changes in youth or young adults leaning towards extremist world views. However, they often lack sufficient understanding of the potential problem or access to support mechanisms to address the situation. RampOff fills this unmet need as a multi-channel information and early intervention support service. We have a network of service providers, resources to share and staff who can support the person contacting us or the Person of Concern (POC).

How We Can Help

RampOff presents an alternative option for concerned citizens to help their family member, peer or acquaintance mitigate the risk without law enforcement involvement and guide them towards long-term support services in their communities. RampOff follows strict confidentiality and privacy rules and does not share case information with outside sources. When a person contacts, we provide the following services:

At the initial contact, staff listens to the caller or receives information from substitute channels to determine the reason for the concern or answer any questions that they might have.

Understand and Assess
Our staff engage with the caller to fully understand the situation and identify any potential risk to the Person of Concern or to public safety.  Our staff gathers information about the needs and strengths of the Person of Concern and the person accessing RampOff. Immediately following, available resources are identified that can be utilized to help the caller and the Person of Concern.

Action Plan
Our staff works with the caller to develop an individualized Action Plan, dependent on the needs of the Person of Concern, needs and assets of the person calling and relationship between the two. Based on the identified resources available, Action Plans include the following components:

  • Referrals: Connections to community resources, such as health professionals, clergy, social workers, lawyers and youth services
  • Intervention Strategies: Specific steps and ideas the caller can immediately use to address the situation
  • Education: Information to help navigate the systems such as the health and youth support systems

RampOff will guide the person requesting support to a manageable and safe place and remain available to provide support as long as needed. Based on previous experience, we expect some callers will require medium and long-term support. Our staff will provide a calming presence to provide much needed moral support, encouragement and guidance. RampOff team will conduct follow-ups to the initial service provided.

For more information, please visit www.rampoff.org