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Muflehun has developed a comprehensive solution framework to effectively identify the needs of the society, bring them to the attention of policy makers and design impactful, scalable and replicable programs to prevent hate, extremism and violence.

framework Our four sector framework for programming includes Prevention, Intervention, Mitigation and Re-entry within the policy and strategic context adaptable to any region.

Our programs focus on capacity building of individuals, communities, state and independent organizations as well as institutions involved in related efforts or those influenced by any act of incurred or potential hate and extremism.

Though prevention is a major focus of our effort, Muflehun is most known for its online and direct intervention with potential violent extremist actors. Muflehun has also been involved in mitigation efforts and is playing a major role in raising awareness for the needs of re-entry programs.

Muflehun is a regular advisor to policy makers and strategists in the government and institutional circles, domestically as well as internationally.

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 Viral Peace

Resilience Building to Prevent Hate, Extremism and Violence

ViralPeace is an interactive workshop for youth activists, change-makers and young leaders to learn strategies to push back against hate, extremism and violence. The primary goal of ViralPeace is to facilitate young influencers’ engagement in utilizing their potential to build civil society, be active agents of peacemaking, as well as effective leaders.

Participants of the workshop develop programs and campaigns for their individual missions by strategically using social media platforms to build their own narratives, organically build communities and stand up for their identified cause. Young influencers in ten countries have been mentored in this workshop to utilize their potential in building civil society.

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An Information and Early Intervention Support Service


Family members and peers often identify early signs of behavior changes in youth or young adults at-risk of or indoctrinated toward extremist world views. However, they often lack sufficient understanding of the potential problem or access to community and professional support mechanisms to address the situation.

RampOff fills this unmet need as a multi-channel information and early intervention support service. RampOff presents an alternative option for concerned citizens to help their family member, peer or acquaintance mitigate the risk without law enforcement involvement and guide them towards long-term support services in their communities.

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