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Ongoing strife in the international arena, regional conflicts and the enduring presence of terrorist groups has facilitated the increase of violent extremism around the globe.  These threats are also gradually being imported within our borders.  Preventing radicalization, violent extremism and other threats from taking root should necessarily be the first step for ensuring a safe civic society; and can only arise from a stronger, healthier community.

Muflehun*, an independent think-and-do tank, aimed at preventative measures, initiated by the Muslim American community, is dedicated to filling this gap in effective and innovative ways. Its initial focus is to understand the nature of the threat of violent extremism, and research-driven design of preventative programs within a religious paradigm.


* The word “muflehun” means “those who will be successful”. The basis is the well-recognized Quranic verse (Q3:104):

Let there be a group (community) from amongst you that invites towards good, enjoins what is right (reasonable & just), and forbids what is wrong; and they will be the successful ones (muflehun).


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