About Us

Muflehun* is an independent non-profit at the nexus of society, security and technology, working since 2010 against hate, extremism and violence.

Our objective is to cultivate the values and acumen of youth to be exemplars of a peaceful, just and inclusive global society.

* The word “muflehun” means “those who have cultivated their success/prosperity.”

As a resource center, our focus is on:

  • Researching and analyzing current and upcoming challenges
  • Applying knowledge and insight to design and provide systemic solutions (programs and projects)
  • Sharing lessons learned from pilot programs with our partners for localized solutions
  • Providing analysis to policy makers for improved decision making

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A letter from the Chairman and the Executive Director

Thank you for your interest in Muflehun. You are among millions of fellow Americans concerned about our nation’s safety and the growing hate and bigotry surrounding us. We too are concerned. This is why we set up Muflehun (pronounced /moof- lay- hoon/) to prevent the spread of hate, extremism and violence in our country.

Strong, resilient communities are a necessary first step to ensure a safe civic society and prevent social threats from taking root. As American citizens it is our responsibility to keep our communities protected and our society safe.

The recurring incidents of homegrown violent extremism and increasing anti-Muslim bigotry are re-enforcing each other. The Orlando and San Bernardino tragedies (among many more) are stark reminders that anti-Muslim bigotry, social marginalization, ongoing international conflicts and the enduring presence of terrorist groups are luring young people from within our American communities to commit barbaric acts against innocents.

Join us in harnessing the fierce determination and inclusive aspirations of civil society to build social resilience and community preparedness against all forms of hate, bigotry and extremism. We also provide community-led early intervention services to support families concerned about their loved ones being recruited towards any potentially violent activity.

Your investment in Muflehun, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization is important for us to maintain our independence. Fueled by philanthropy, not government, our organization has been called the “glue” between national and local organizations. Muflehun does not accept funding from the US Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security or any other security based government agency; neither are we receiving any support from any foreign government. To this end it becomes even more important for concerned citizens like you to support our organization.

Please explore our website to get an overview of the services we have delivered. If you have any questions, call us at 202-400- 2863.

We look forward to a long term partnership with you.


 Mohammed Magid, Chairman


 Humera Khan, Executive Director